Ryan Dunn

Drivers Bio: 
Ryan began racing and competing at the age of 17, with his first ever event being the inaugural King of the Valleys in 2012. The event sadly ended in an unfortunate gearbox failure during the first lap however sense then through continual hard work and development, success has come and there has been no shortage of podium finishes in recent years with the help from sponsors. 2015 proved to be the landmark year for Ryan and the team dominating the Modified class at King of Wales, taking an Overall victory at the Severn Valley Challenge and toping the year off with 3rd Overall during Driven to the Edge. Racing on a budget has proven to be the biggest difficulty, competing against highly spec’d vehicles, however consistency and a fast pace always keeps the team as a sure class favourite and one to look out for. Last year Ryan and his team finished 2nd Overall in the Ultra4 Europe Modified Class Championship despite a troubled season, so they are out for Victory in 2018!!!

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