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2019 ULTRA4 Dates Announced

October 2nd, 2018 - (Johnson Valley, CA) - The dates and locations for the 2019 ULTRA4 North American and European Series were announced Saturday, September 29th in the Nitto Tire Booth at Off Road Expo. The 4 Wheel Parts Eastern and Lasernut Western Regional Series will both return for 2019 with three races for each series. 

In the Lasernut Western regional series, San Felipe, Baja, Mexico has been added as a new location for ULTRA4 teams to race. This is the first ULTRA4 race to be held Mexico. ULTRA4 Owner, Dave Cole, visited San Felipe two weeks ago to make the formal annuncement with local officials. In the 4 Wheel Parts Eastern regional series, the Adventure Off Road Park in Pittsburg, TN has been added for the first time to the ULTRA4 Schedule. 

The Nitto National Championship Series will still consist of KOH, the three best Eastern or Western Regional races plus the Nitto Nationals in Reno for 2019. All regional Eastern and Western races will follow the same format of early registration on Thursday, registration, pre-running and qualifying on Friday, and racing on Saturday.

Please note: There has been one change made to the dates announced last Saturday.  The Bedford, KY race at Dirty Turtle has been moved one weekend earlier to July 19th and 20th. 

ULTRA4 Racing has also partnered with a group of Canadian ULTRA4 drivers that compete in a series of races in Canada and the Northern US. This group will be managing a three race series called ULTRA4 North for 2019. These races include one race in Alberta, Canada, and two races in Montana, in the areas Billings and Columbus. This series will be managed by the Canadian partners. 
The ULTRA4 Europe series is expanding to a 5-race series in 2019. New to the series will be a race held in Les Comes, Spain. Returning races will be held in France, Britain (Wales), Portugal and Poland.
Another new addition for 2019 will be the growth of the Titan Fuel Tanks UTV Cross Country Championship. ULTRA4 Racing will partner with Southern Rock Racing Series (SRRS) to expand UTV racing to seven locations throughout the Eastern half of the United States. Information regarding specific dates and locations for this series will be announced in the coming weeks. 

Dates and locations for ULTRA4 in 2019 are as follows:

Nitto King of The Hammers Powered by Optima Batteries Johnson Valley, CA - February 1st - 9th

Lasernut Western Series- Rancho Cordova, CA - March 22nd & 23rd

4 Wheel Parts Eastern Series - Pittsburg, TN - April 12th &13th  

ULTRA4 North – Billings, MT – May 11th & 12th

Lasernut Western Series- San Felipe, Baja, MX - May 17th & 18th

ULTRA4 Europe - King of Spain - Les Comes Spain - May 24th & 25th, Qualifying May 23rd.

4 Wheel Parts Eastern Series- Davis, OK - June 14th &15th 

ULTRA4 Europe - King of France - Vallee Bleu 4x4 France - June 22nd & 23rd, Qualifying June 21st

ULTRA4 Europe - King of Britain - Glynneath, Wales - July 20th & 21st, Qualifying July 19th

4 Wheel Parts Eastern Series- Bedford, KY - July 19th & 20th (changed from 27th & 28th)

ULTRA4 North - Alberta, CA - August 17th & 18th

ULTRA4 Europe - King of Portugal -Vimioso, Portugal - September 6th & 7th, Qualifying September 5th

Lasernut Western Series - Ridgecrest, CA September 13th & 14th

ULTRA4 North - Columbus, MT - September 20th & 21st 

ULTRA4 Europe - King of Poland Olszyna, Poland - October 11th & 12th, Qualifying October 10th  

Nitto National Championship - Reno, NV - October 18th & 19th