Contact Us

  • Dave Cole
    Executive Director
    Dave is one of the founders of King of The Hammers. He is an off road enthusiast, land use advocate, racer and the Executive Director of HammerKing Productions, the organization behind King of The Hammers. Those interested in partnership or racing opportunities with ULTRA4 Racing should contact Dave.
  • Richard Crossland
    Managing Director
    +44 7956399092
    Richard Crossland cut his teeth helping to organise winch challenges with the AWDC since the early 2000's and has been involved with every Ultra4 Europe race since the very first King of the Valleys in 2012. His main ambition is to grow Ultra4 Europe into a series that truly represents Off Road Racing and is the pinnacle of our sport.
  • Chris Bowler
    European Race Director
    +44 7989966740
    Chris is not known as the European JT for no reason. He is a racer in many different forms of Off Road Racing. He has run and organised many events, and now uses all that experience to plan all the Ultra4 Europe courses (except Portugal) and make sure they are what a driver wants.
  • Drew Wright
    For tech questions or questions on the rulebook. please cite the page number and email as much detail as possible.
  • Courtney Prost
    Communications/Web -- Hammerking Productions