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Paul Dunn

Drivers Bio: 
Paul Dunn is a well-known name amongst the U4 paddock and is not afraid to say anything that comes into his mind to anyone. You never know what you are going to get as a response when you say hello, so always expect something humorous. Paul has competed in many different forms of off road motorsport including Trials, Comp safari, Hill rally and Winch challenge from both sides of the car taking many victories and several championships himself. In recent years however he has taken a back seat with driving duties despite OBVIOUS ability allowing his son to take the rains. This however means that he is one of a very small few to be in the over 50s club still competing and in the navigators seat, no less. He is blind, deaf and apparently struggles with height but we cannot see him slowing anytime soon. He will undoubtedly be at the races with a bus pass in years to come. He isn’t going to be shying away anytime soon to say the least.

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