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Stijn vekeman

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started with the off road competition in Belgium in 2004 " Extreme Offroad Challenge" " Scorpion Challenge" then in 2008 we went to our first international event, the Romanian Transylvania Adventure Trophy after that we went to the Croatia trophy in '10 end '11 also the pomerania XXXII in Poland in '11 after that we went to the first King Of The Valleys in Wales King of the Glens in 2014 for King of the valley that year i was asked to co-pilot for a kid from California USA, Yes indeed Bailey Cole we had so much fun together we also drove King Of Portugal that year in 2015 the year started with King Of The Hammers, i had the chance of a lifetime to race the Every Man Challenge, i was Co-piloting for Bailey but we DNF the race. Because Europe was not on his agenda my brother and i drove KOP (3rd place) and KOW in our #4884 Jeep JK in 4800 class 2016, Kinh Of the Hammers Bailey and i were driving the spec car and managed to finish the EMC race within the time limit. we also drove the UTV race and the Shootout with the spec car KOB with my brother Wouter 2017: spectating KOH ending up in power hour in Dave Cole's brand new car this ultra 4 Europe series i co-piloted for Bailey Cole in the spec car in 4400 class KOF: first place KOW: a DNF with a blown up motor on day 2 with Derek West who was filling in for Bailey KOP: finished KOB: 1st place withe a 2nd place for the 2017 Ultra 4 Europe championship 2018: we went to KOH to spectate, but since you never know what can happen... i ended up co-piloted again for Bailey in the UTV race so we will see what more 2018 will bring

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