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Jan Petrak

Drivers Bio: 
Started his offroad racing career in 2002 as co-driver in father's Nissan Patrol racecar participating in Endurance Cross Country style Series known as Offroad Marathon including 24 Hour long competitons and after few years moved to drivers seat of Suzuki Samurai and Suzuki Jimny racecars. After leaving Offroad Marathon racing Jan moved to Trophy style competitions, Czech Offroad Trial Championship, Rainforest Challenge Global Series and Ultra4 Racing with 2018 King of Poland as a first race. Also went to Africa in 2011 as a member of organization team for the intercontinental offroad race. Currently racing with Nissan Patrol Y61 in 4500 class with his brother Vojtech as a co-driver. Member of 4x4 Expert Motorsport family racing team and 4x4 Expert custom fabrication company.

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