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MJ Stothers

Drivers Bio: 
<p>Driver, owner and creator of the big bad 120" wheelbase Unlimited Class 'Land Rover Discovery' Mk1. Originally intended for challenges, things very quickly spiralled out of control once Ultra4 appeared on the scene in Europe. My off road experience comes from extensive recreational off road driving using various vehicles though I am quickly learning the competitive side, often the hard way. This season will see a shaky start due to missing most events due to intensive surgery on my shoulder. However, this will allow for some much needed testing and development for the King Of Portugal race later in the year. We are very eager to see what the truck can really do once set up. Despite all this, with great family and friends who have sacrificed so much for me to be racing failure is not an option. We will keep coming back - faster and stronger. Next time, expect big change. </p>

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